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A mother's story about the loss of a child.

I loved being a mother. 

 I felt that all my children were gifts from God, and I loved them.  It was very hard for me when my son died in a very tragic automobile accident; he was only 16 years old.  It saddened me to think that he didn’t have the time to fulfill all his potentials, though he knew how to have fun and be joyful.   I thought he was very special; he knew how to live in the moment.  He was very outgoing and could talk to anyone, about anything, no matter their age. He could sense the other person’s feelings, and have compassion for them. He had all the dreams that a young man might have and he talked about them to me.  He talked about girls and jobs that he might want, though he didn‘t talk too much about studies.  He wasn’t the book type.  I used to think he could learn all there was to know about life if he could just travel around the world, he could absorb all of it.  I can still see his long blond hair move with the rhythm of his walk, since he was 6 foot tall and took long strides.  I called him ‘friend’, because that is how I felt about him.                         


The loss of a child is devastating.  The guilt, worry, sense of helplessness and sorrow can be overwhelming, and debilitating.  However, there is help and support from those who have experienced We have provided a forum to aid in the healing process.  Here we can share thoughts, feelings suggestions and encouragement to help us endure, learn and understand.

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A mother's story about the loss of a child.

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