Your Child Lives On  

What does it mean to carry the mother energy?  There are many divisions of this energy, but they are all related to the mother, to me.  Let us start with creation when life came forth from the universe.  Here, there was a blending of the two forces to make the one.  There was a male and female energy.  That female energy was from the mother. We can trace that energy back to Sophia energy.  That energy that came from the void, from what the scriptures call chaos.  So from the very beginning there was the feminine, the priestess energy. 

  As creation flows through all the intricacies and expresses itself to earth, there is the feminine.  It interacts with the masculine, the father, to make all you see.  Plant, mineral, animal and space there are the two contributions gathering together to create.  You see the interaction of those two forces in your special babies.  Those babies we all love.  Those babies who start those small steps back to the father and the mother.

  On all levels there must be both forces to create, to balance, to unite, to enjoy.  If one of these forces is not in balance, there forms a departure from creation.  That imbalance causes disharmony; that disharmony is being felt on the earth today.  That disharmony brings wars because there is not the tempering of the loving forces that the mother brings.

  All through history, humankind has seen the results of this imbalance.  Over the last several thousand years, the mother has been suppressed and in some places an effort has been made to stamp her out.  She doesnít need to wear veils.  She can let her hair blow free.  She must be free if is she is to nurture humanity.  When there is a war against the mother, the feminine, the whole world suffers as it is suffering now.

  When we love one another as my son commanded, we fulfill the desire and the plan of the creative forces.  You cannot improve on the blueprint, the plan for creation.  Both forces must be honored for what they bring to creation.  The father held the hand of the mother and brought her up to his level.  Can man improve on that?  Can there be a birth of creativity without the father and the mother?  They are a team that cannot be separated.

Humanity was not meant to be warlike even though they may follow that role.  Killing and maiming does not support the energies of the mother.  The father protects, and has been known to kill in that protection, but not with the mother at his side.  There is always mercy. Mercy is a weapon that is not understood.  The milk of mercy has won many battles.  Mercy is not weak; mercy is measured when strong.

  King Solomon was known for his strength and wisdom.  He found two mothers who claimed the same baby.  In Hebrew law it was shameful to be barren.  So when one mother found that her child had died, she claimed another motherís child.  Solomon was wise and he offered each mother one half of the child.  The real mother gave herself away.  In horror, she offered her half to the other women.  Immediately Solomon unveiled the real mother and gave the child to her.

  You may wonder why that story is being told presently in this situation of the world.  There will be people who will claim everything and they will take it even though it is not theirs.  Let them have it.  It is when two forces can find a way for both to have what they want will anyone get what they want. 

  When a possession is finite, when it has an end and is limited and two forces fight over it, there can be no winner.  It is only when the two parties come to the position that both can get what they want will there be any way to divide the prized object. 

  Reach down to the mother energy, find a way for all forces to get what they want and there will be peace.  We do not speak of appeasement.  There needs to be an equal exchange.  A mother in a family would not take from one child to give to another just to keep quiet the fighting in a family.  There needs to be justice in the division.  Mothers find that solution every day.  It is not easy, but there must be justice for everyone.  Injured parties must find justice.  Aggressors must learn from their mistakes.  Masculine energies must be tempered with the Feminine energies.

  All have a duty to ask themselves two questions and find the answers to those questions.  Where is justice in the matter?  How shall that justice be applied evenly to the parties?  True justice will bring forth love in each of the parties.  The aggressor must be contained because it caused suffering.  The victims must find justice through temperaments of restraint and honor.

  With all that being said, we must add something else.  It is the thoughts of the masses that presents the stage for events to be played out.  Each heart must find peace and love within themselves for those actions to surface among the masses.  It is an individual thing.  Each must bring down to this earth light and love.  This light and love must be gathered and brought through the heart center and allowed to flow freely into mother earth. 

  She has suffered mightily because those energies of hatred and suffering have been accumulating within her crust and around he children.  Hatred and suffering only brings forth more hatred and suffering.  It is a cycle unless it is broken by individuals.  One cannot wait until there is a force of those energies that have accumulated and falls on humanity. 

  Clearing yourself and the earth must be an ongoing process.  One needs to be vigilant today against these thoughts because there are dark forces here that know how to stir up contention and greed.  You must realize that there is a force that wishes to overtake you and dominate you and fill you with fear.  It is only through the love and compassion of the mother and directing that force through your heart center and passing it to the planet that you live upon that there will be any peace.  This is a mutual job that all must participate if it is to be successful. 

  The hatred and despair has been accumulating on this planet for centuries.  There has been war and suffering since the very beginning because of dark forces.  All that is coming to an end.  The dark forces will leave the earth.  You must be love and peace if you are to be a part of that force that stays. 

  My children, this is the greatest struggle of your combined lifetimes.  Those who through inaction are carried with the dark forces as they leave this planet will be enmeshed with them for a very long time.  There will be another cycle where there will again be a dividing force, but it will be a very long time.  I want all my children to be with my son and me.  I come today to tell you of the situation so you can follow your heart.  I am here to awaken you.  I am telling you that there is a moment in your history where you cannot be complacent.  You will be choosing even though you do not know that you choose. 

  This is a time when you must guard your vigil so that the oil lamps do not go out when the master comes.  Do not allow yourselves to be filled with fearful thoughts, as you will play into the dark force's hands.  Keep your mind on peace and love and you will radiate that out to the world.  If that means turning off the television set with its stories of war and agony, so be it.  You have a duty to yourselves.  You do not understand the consequences presently, but they will make themselves clearer as the days follow.  My son told you this is not business as usual.  This is a very great departure from the norm.  He told you this is an end of a cycle.  I am telling you that also.  My heart is heavy for my children because I understand what is coming.  Mothers guard yourselves, your children and your family.


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