The Light Codes

The Light Codes In Their Totality Comprise All The Qualities Of The Light

Information is growing in the scientific field about DNA and the chromosomes found in these structures.  Science has determined that all of these chromosomes are not turned on at the present time.  In other words it seems that all of these structures are not being used presently.  So the question remains what is the function and purpose of these chromosomes that are not being used?

 Part of the DNA structure contains information pertaining to our biology such as our features and the genetic information that is passed on from family lines.  There is another part of the DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the human, and science does not considered this yet.  However if one is persuaded that the human consists of a soul and the biology of the body, then does it not follow that the genetic link with the individual also contains spiritual information?

 This is what we are proposing.  The human being as far as DNA is considered and the material contained within the DNA, reflects elements of a spiritual nature also.  Some of these spiritual elements were turned off in our ancient history because there was a struggle to control this aspect of the human by the dark forces.  The dark forces understood that if they could control this aspect, then they could keep the development of humankind under their control.  They would do this through the use of fear and domination.  This event occurred in Atlantis over 200,000 years ago when the DNA molecule was breached.

 We are also suggesting that this is the ending of that very long cycle and there is an opportunity for us to again reclaim our ‘trails of glory’.  These trails of glory were creative abilities that our Creator endowed us with as we brought forth those abilities at that ancient time.  Those spiritually advanced could bring forth information from the unmanifested to the manifested.  What we are suggesting is that humans could create through mind power alone!  However, in order to be allowed to do that, Earth Guardians had to make certain that we would be aligned to the most noble of thoughts, or else there was the danger of interfering with the blueprint.  The blueprint of which we speak was the plan set forth by the Creator at the time of creation delineating the parameters or rules of creativity.  We would also like to clarify that all the souls at the time were not this spiritually advanced.  

 When the dark forces broached our DNA, it was shut down.  But there was a promise given that there would be a time in the future when we would be allowed again to develop according to the original plan.  Humanity had to go through a very long period of spiritual development to again implant those noble goals that were contained in the original DNA.  Those guiding our spiritual heritage through our long history, have periodically sent representatives to help us elevate our thoughts and desires so we could again grow spiritually and regain these lost abilities.

 Originally there were a little over 2000 particles in our DNA that allowed these abilities.  All strands were not positioned in the physical part of our biology but the majority resided on that plane where our higher mind resides.  Our own individual soul is much greater than we perceive because all of its abilities does not reside in our individual identity with our biology.  It resides in a greater force on a higher spiritual plane and not in the dense level of solids and gases.  Our higher mind is a better judge of when we are ready to be given more rewards for our spiritual growth and not be in a position to harm other parts of creation.  There is a responsibility required for the gifts we use.

 Already there are some who have gone beyond the two strands of DNA and have worked their way up to the 12 strands that is on the next level of accomplishment.  There are individuals already helping people to activate these extra strands, but the individual can also do this for themselves.

 Compassion and love will start the process of turning on the inactive aspects of DNA.  Within those turned on components reside the light codes needed for advancement.  These light codes cover a wide range of spiritual ability.  Some of the light codes center around peace, oneness, cooperation, integrity, and a sense of beauty. The light codes in their totality comprise all the qualities of the light. When these light codes are integrated, a connection with Source begins.  Love starts a vibration that is closely aligned to the original vibration that was held by the souls that started to colonize this planet.

 The hierarchy responsible for the spiritual development of the people on this planet has already brought the pattern back and have instilled it on a level that we can access now.

 Other spiritual beings led by Archangel Michael have worked on repairing the grid system which has been damaged over time through negative events that have held sway here over this long period.  Advanced beings have been incarnating now to be of assistance to us.  Since this is a planet of free will, human beings have been needed to help the spiritual hierarchy in this work, and they have been assisted by humans who accepted the request to come forth and help in this development. 

 Presently, the sun steps down the energies as they come from the center of the universe. This means that we have not been able to benefit to the fullest from this source.  We must to be on a higher vibratory level to be able to work with the full force of energies.  However this will be changing.  The entire spiral of the Milky Way in which earth is located is moving to a much higher vibratory level. The Creative Forces have decreed this. 

 Like the workings of a giant clock works, planets have found the positions that allow energies to reach us that will elevate the earth to the higher levels and through entrainment humanity will follow. These energies are coming from “All There Is” that resides in the center of the universe.

   However, we still have free will and we can frustrate our own advancement by holding on to the dark forces.  We have many choices now and the beginning of awareness is to understand what is happening to our DNA and the struggle for control of it.  It is now time to break out of this pattern of domination and control and advance towards the light and reclaim our trails of glory again.


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