A Mother's personal story about the loss of a child

Chapter 7



                Friends of mine that I respect told me that they had a consultation with an individual, Rev. Don, who taps into the world of spirit.  He sees auras, the energy field that surrounds every living thing including humans.  He also speaks with his guides which acts as a link between the world of the living and the world of spirit.  The purpose is to help humans resolve spiritual problems.

                 Rev. Don also works with psychometry.  This is the ability to tune in to a person's vibration through an object that belongs to that person. Psychometry is the reading of an object. The greater the emotional attachment the owner has to the object, the stronger are the vibrations, and thus more information can  be gathered from the object.

                 It seemed like a good idea to me to seek out this individual and see what information that I could illicit from him with regards to this phenomena that was by now becoming a part of my life and routine.  

                This writing at first, was an item of curiosity. Then, I just wanted to know what anyone could say that could possibly be important for humanity to read that wasn't already found in other sources.  I was aware that we have many inspirational texts in our libraries authored by the best of religious leaders and philosophical thinkers from many ages.

                 From starting out as a casual activity, this writing had become an obsession in my life simply because, by now, I believed that I had agreed to work at this activity before I came into my present lifetime and it was my duty to fulfill my obligation.

                 I had not thought too much about a lifetime previous to the one that I live as the present me.  I had read accounts about reincarnation, and it seemed interesting to me, even plausible.  But raising a family and making a living didn't offer me much free time to think about the possibility of a previous lifetime.  I had enough to keep me busy without thinking of something that I couldn't prove.

                 My continuing dreams of a previous commitment were so real it was like someone grabbing me and shaking me until the acceptance of my part in that solemn commitment sank in, even though I was kicking and screaming all the time. My son, who had stepped over the boundaries between the physical life and the spiritual existence told me that I had made this commitment.  My writing sources told me that I had made this commitment.  But I was  still saying, "Why me?"   I was all alone, a simple housewife, a doting mother and  grandmother.  How could I step up to the "plate" and say to my fellow humans, "I have unseen people who come to me every day and I do secretarial work for them.  They tell me things that are so beautiful and in such a poetic way that it makes me cry sometimes.

                 They say we humans are going to go through some troubled times. We humans who are ready to accept the Christos Spirit, will develop to a new higher level whereby our body, mind and spirit will be able to cooperate with each other in a more harmonious manner. 

                 We humans can grow to tap into our innate abilities by manipulating physical energy and ultimately creating on the physical level.  We can do this because in a very real way, we are like the Creative Forces. 

                 Our Father in heaven threw off little particles of Himself, which ultimately grew and became our souls.  We are to understand Him and make our way back to Him and unite with Him because He loves us. He is this creative energy that we are trying to understand. This is the plan of the Creative Forces. 

                 We are working under an edict that was given to us when we were created.  We left our Father's house so we could understand Him, and what we are, by gathering experience as we move through the cosmos. The edict also extends to helping others find that path and fulfilling their destiny also.

                 We are not seemingly forgotten individuals, living as civilization dictates to fulfill the needs of the physical only.  We are also spirit! 

                 In reading religious history, I found that the Christos Spirit is mentioned in ancient writings.  This phrase Christos Spirit, is older than the time frame of the life of the great Avatar, Jesus Christ.  The word Christos is not used to designate Jesus, The Christ, even though I am certain that He embraced that force.

                 The Christos Spirit, from my source, is a wave of energized particles which steps up our energies so that we can reach an enlightened state.  It has a direct tie in to memory so that we can remember all our paths of development, from our casting off from the Father, to our present existence.

                 This memory is what brings us the powers of creation. I believe that the Christos Spirit is part of "The Word", that vibrational force that goes forth from the Creative Forces and is a part of them.  This memory of which we speak, and the ultimate power it brings, will not be given to those who have not proven they are aligned with the Creative Forces.

                 Having said all that, I was very interested in hearing what Rev. Don had to say, and I looked forward to the time of our appointment.  I didn't know what to expect, as I had never sought out this type of individual for consultation before.  What I found was a very down to earth, personable individual, with a great sense of humor, a very warm person.

                 Rather than the writing, he discussed my divorce, and it was almost as if my husband were in the room and he was seeing him and the situations that we shared.  He said that I must pass through these difficulties and come back the beginning of the next year because the legal side of my life had to be completed before the creative side of myself could take over. 

                 I did go back the next year when my legal problems were resolved. I wanted to know the names of the individuals that were working with me on the writing.  Don said that he doesn't usually receive names.  He told me that when he started his work or mission, he questioned the name of his own Master Guide.  Rev. Don said his spiritual guide appeared to him as a real physical person in the flesh just as real as you and I and told him that there was a certain individual compromise in giving personal names.  However, Rev. Don said he would try and obtain the names of the group that was associated with me in this work.

         He said that this was a composite group and part of the energy belonged to the Proust Group.  He described Joseph Proust as the "Father of Modern Science".  He said that Mr. Proust originated or resurrected the Scientific Method whereby Mr. Proust proposed a hypothesis and set about to prove it. 

                 Another part of the Proust energy was a German Mystic..... Engels...Englehardt....he couldn't understand the correct pronunciation of the name, but that I could find information about this individual by looking it up in an  Encyclopedia of Mysticism in the library.  Rev. Don said that I did not need to worry.  I was in good company, that there were serious forces about me. He thought it was interesting that there was a combination of Science and Mysticism.

                 The combination didn't seem strange to me at all.  I was receiving information about chemical reactions in the body and other scientific information concerning the interactions and cooperation of bodily systems.  There also seemed to be a bridge forming between prophesy and science.

                 I could remember as a child thinking it would be interesting to prove the spiritual reality through scientific means.

                 Rev. Don mentioned to me that since a child of three, I knew that I had something important to do.  That statement reminded me of a poem that I had written as a child, and a line from that poem was "What job is so important of itself that we dedicate our entire lifetime to it?" 

                 Hearing names of spiritual energy who were at one time individuals that lived on this earth and were serious forces about helping the human race, made me settle down a little bit. 

                 At my first opportunity I went to the library.  The Encyclopedia Brittanica mentions Proust, Joseph Louis, (1754-1826) was a French chemist.  He became known for helping prove the idea that every pure chemical compound consists of elements in a definite proportion. 

                 Today, scientists accept this idea as the law of constant proportions.  It also mentioned that Mr. Proust taught chemistry in several universities and experimented in many areas of chemistry.  He developed ways of obtaining sugar from grapes and did other research on foods."

                 When I read that Mr. Proust obtained sugar from grapes and did other research on foods, I thought it particularly interesting since there was information in my messages that discussed the chemical break down of foods in the body, illnesses that could occur if the body was affected by negative emotions and attitudes.

                 I didn't understand much of what was given to me when the essays discussed the human endocrine system and the break down of sugars in the body. If Mr. Proust was part of the source giving me this information, then it would be safe to say that he was still interested in chemistry and trying to pass on ideas for new research.

                 It was also easy to find the name of Johann Engelbrecht, a German religious visionary. (1599-1642)  The Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology mentions that the ecstatic visions of Engelbrecht were followed by physical and other psychic phenomena.  Troopers fired at him and broke a lancer to splinters on his head but he walked off uninjured.  In ecstatic condition he preached for weeks without food, weariness, or loss of strength.

                 To prove that his abstinence from food was genuine, and that he was fed spiritually, he went voluntarily to prison, guarded for a week or so from all possibility of material sustenance and came out as strong as when he entered.

                 He predicted and foresaw in a vision in 1625 the events which the French Revolution brought about. In 1658 he published His Wunderreicher Bindebrief (Wonderful Letter) dealing with his visions.   I made a mental note to find and read the English translation of his writings:  The Divine Visions of Johann Engelbrecht (2 vols., Northampton, England, 1780).

                 They frequently mentioned that permission was obtained to give what I was receiving.  Every time I heard that statement, I was reminded of my dream and the word "signatory" and what seemed like my agreement with a governing body.  Since a great deal of the messages discussed the spiritual life as being part of a hierarchy, I now wanted to know what part of the spiritual hierarchy gave permission for this information to be released. I knew The Universe was not going to disappoint me in my quest.

Under Grace 1991


I hope you found these excerpts helpful. Loosing a child can be a devastating experience, but there is help and guidance available for those willing to learn from the experiences of others who have suffered such a loss.

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