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The Earth is Changing
A Christmas Message

Authority has been delegated.  We are all spirit sons, therefore authority is to be expected. As soon as there are those who are able to lead, that designation has been given to them.  Every point of leadership may ultimately be traced back to the Godhead, nonetheless, that does not preclude leadership among the spirit sons.

We simply say that authority has been divided.  There are those who can speak the words of authority that encompass truth.  As truth filters down to those on lower spiritual planes, the words can take on what seems to be different interpretations, but are filters from those who inhabit a plane.  Do not misunderstand what I say, truth never changes.  Truth cannot be thwarted.  The will of the creative forces will always be obeyed.  We only speak of semantics here.  There should be love between all good intentioned people.  Do not let divisions happen because of interpretations.  That is all we say.

Also remember that what you learned in the beginning stages of your youth can be expounded upon.  Inspiration has not stayed static.  As humans were more open to accept more of the truth, we have tried to pass that truth along to you.  What was said and remembered from 2,000 years ago was revolutionary, but was not complete and whole, and not all that could be said.  It was a great stepping stone for the time, but not all there is to know about the love of the Father. It was a way to reach the Father through unconditional love. 

Unconditional love will not change because that is a universal truth, but there are other disciplines to express that unconditional love.  You have more than one outfit to wear to express who you are.  There are more facets to express unconditional love.  There is much more than what has been allowed to filter down to the present. 

Do not argue over the pearls like jackals fighting over bits of food that has been thrown to them. Remember the dignity of all God's children.  Envision all of God's children on an upward path moving toward truth.  No one holds the complete and unvarnished truth in the words they have inherited.  Allow for differences.  Concentrate more on the good intentions of those who may dialog about spiritual pursuits.

No one can open the doors of heaven, without love in their hearts for all God's children.  There are no divisions in God's house except self imposed.  There are many mansions, because the life force expresses itself in differing appearances, but they were not divided so that entry could not be made into each level.

The divisions or shall we say vibratory levels exist because of the nature of vibration.  There were no bars placed upon the doorways.  Hindrance from entry exists only because of self-imposition.  All are welcomed.  All are called.  All are loved.  All are one.

A Message from Jesus
She Has Many Names
Archangel Michael



The Earth is Changing

Your Child Lives On