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The Earth is changing because our planet is preparing to take another giant step in its long progression towards development. 

The ancients were aware of these times and left references in their temple complexes.  Even though the keys to reading this information have been lost, the information is resurfacing now.

The frequency of our planet presently  has been increasing while the magnetic field decreases.  Through the process of entrainment, the rhythm of one plane effects the substance of another.  Our bodies subsequently change as they tune into the higher frequency of the earth.

Cyclically changing vibrational patterns as a means of advancing creation is part of the "Blueprint" or "Plan" that was formed when the Cosmos was brought into being.  These changes appear to be linked to the Precession of the Equinox, a slow and stately wobble in the axis of the earth.  Over a cycle of 25,920 years the north pole of our planet's spin axis traces out a great circle in the heavens, and seems to plot out the beginning and ending of the cycle.

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"And now the Language of Light is shaking the foundations of the earth so that the earth may dawn anew through the teachings of the Father."

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"The Light Codes In Their Totality Comprise All The Qualities Of The Light."
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"Unconditional love will not change because that is a universal truth, but there are other disciplines to express that unconditional love." 

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