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November 2, 2001

 When those terrible events happened here on September 11th, America was torn apart with grief and that started a new patriotism for this country.  That is to be expected, but remember there are other families, other loved ones that are just as important to other families as yours are to you.

 This is a very grave time in the world for everyone.  The dark forces will not go away, slinking in the night with their tails between their legs.  They are fighters and have just begun to assemble their cohorts to work for their cause.

 It is important now to seek the peace of God in your hearts.  Fill yourselves with light and love and try and bring this light and love down to earth.  For earth is your sister and mother and she suffers with this also.

 It is hard for you to understand that earth is a thinking, feeling sentient being.  It is the nature of all to think that she is an object.  There is energy in all things. 

 When there is a child to be born, two cells come together to start that blessed and beautiful cooperation with creation.  Only two cells, yet each organ and the different parts of biology and the thinking brain come from those two cells, each with their organized function.  My sisters and brothers, there was an intelligence that governed all these divisions of cells, forming of body tissue, blending of the soul force, all from two cells!  This example is given to you not to be a biology class, but for you to understand that it was the intelligence in those two cells that enabled that new body to be formed.

 It is so with the earth.  There is an intelligence there that you may not consider.  All those negative thoughts of anger, retribution and sadness for the events of September 11th are being stored in the earth and it is feeding the intelligence of the earth.  SEND LOVE  EVERYWHERE  to all conditions! 

 This is a very fragile time for the earth.  It is a fragile time for my beautiful people in the United States.  I just wish you could see the future events through my eyes.  They are not happy thoughts and visions for the future.  There must be a change in the war drums of hatred.  Do not send your energy to the bombing of another country at this point, what must be changed is your hearts.  YOUR collective hearts and the condition of them will determine what comes to your country. Send love. Imagine light surrounding all conditions.

 I stand here with St. Germain, the protector of your countryís freedom.  We both implore you to fill your hearts with love.  There are many now presently among you who were there when this beautiful country was founded.  This country was under the tyranny of those forces that wanted to dominate you in your homes.  The minutemen would not allow that tyranny and stamped it out for freedomís sake.  Those times are here again in another form.  Do not allow your liberties be taken from you for the sake of safety! 

 When the Creator put this planet among the stars in this spiraling galaxy, there was great joy among all the heavenly hosts.  It was a most favored project that brought joy also to those who would be colonizing it.  There was great anticipation of what would be.  Some of that authority had been usurped and there has been a struggle between the forces of dark and the forces of light.  It is a choice now as to which side you will follow.  There is much by way of future events that will follow if the wrong choice is made.

 I stand with St. Germain and my sword is drawn for your protection, but we cannot do it alone, we need your hearts and minds and the direction of intention to be in love.  Without that, we cannot hold back the forces of destruction.  We will speak to you later.  Contemplate these words.  Our love is with you along with the other heavenly hosts.  Our love is with you and with all those other souls in the world.

 There is a dividing line of energies forming in the heavens. We will teach that later so you may protect yourselves.  The heavenly hosts are with the people of the world and with the people of the United States.  You must align yourselves with the power and the love of God at this time.

 Archangel Michael

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