A Message From Jesus For Today

When I came to earth 2000 years ago, there were differences in political elements and individual mental abilities, but human nature wasnít much different than it is today.  There were divisions among the people; therefore I talked about the farmer who broadcasted seed and that seed fell on a variety of soils and nurturing conditions. It is the same today, I am sorry to report. 


Politically there are still the power brokers, those that wish to control and reap from anotherís work and devotion to duty.  This will not be allowed on this beautiful earth anymore.  I spoke of the wheat being harvested and brought into the barn as one cutting, both weeds and wheat harvested side by side.  That will not be allowed to occur any more.  There will be a division.  It is written that those who wish to live a spiritual life will be allowed to live in their creatorís vision. 


Let us be clear about what is happening on this planet today.  There is a division.  Everyone will be making choices whether they realize it or not.  Think on your actions and understand that every thought, conclusion, agreement that you make will be written on your soul.  Your soul is trying to lead you to my fatherís house.  Make no mistake about this.  The door is always open and we welcome you, please come.


This is not business as usual.  What you have around you will not always be there in the same form that you see today.  There will be an accounting, not made by me, but you will do the accounting.  You will decide how you will spend your future.  What you are sets up a signature, a vibration and that vibration will find its way to the world that will be compatible with it.  Put in more scientific terms, the world is being merciful to all people.  If you are in the wrong place, if your vibrations are not of the same level as your station, it would act like an atom smashing machine.  That is what this is all about.  This is what change is about.


For many eons of time, your heavenly father has heard your suffering because of the dark forces. Your Father has felt the results of your suffering; in their mercy they have finally answered your prayers.  What will be reflected back to you is their answer.  It is the salvation for all those who suffer for mercyís sake for your father has heard, the earth has heard, I have heard.  I bring forth the good news and that news is that there is life and the life will be a very full and rich life, because you will be tapping into your soul abilities in a manner that the earth has not seen for many years. 


This is the end of a cycle, a cycle that has been predicted by many.  The language has been different because it was spoken with words that could be understood by those who were hearing those words.  Understand and make no mistake about it, you sit on the verge of change.  Some will have their fear and domination of forces; they do not have to change.  However, what goes with them will not be of the light.  If you want to live with the forces of the light and love, you will have to consciously choose now!


There is very little time as there will be a great sifting and it will be very fine indeed.   May your hearts be full of love.  I am with you yes, until the end of all days and then I am still with you.  Consider these future days of utmost importance.  There is no need to fear only a need to love.  Love all as I have loved you and taught you to love and that love needs to be unconditional.  Only love will be allowed.  There is a dividing of the ways.  Those who wish to live the full spiritual life will have the opportunity to live as it was intended without the fear and abuse by the power mongers.  Many have suffered at the hands of those who wish to control and instill fear among my sheep.  I am the good shepherd and I am here to lead my sheep.  I know my sheep and my sheep know me.  Gather around me now.  Gather around my mother now.


You were told that there would be wars and rumors of wars.  Detach yourself from the fears of what is being sent to you in the press and your government.  Go within and find the peace and love that is available.  Fill yourselves with peace and love.  Have faith in the goodness of God and the love of God for you.  You can reach God through your heart centers.  Find that thread through your heart and concentrate upon the space in your forehead that some call the third eye.  This is a center that can connect you with your soulís messages. 


Use such things as beautiful music, candles, special essences made from flowers that bring peaceful vibrations to you.  If you do not know how to go within but want to learn, call upon my mother.  Pray, move close to God.  We are very real and a part of your lives.  We are not myths.  We will not force ourselves upon you, but await the invitation.  All we ask for is the invitation and we will be there to fill your lives with love.  It will take love in the near future to get you through all the energies that will be surfacing that will be clearing the earth and making the divisions between light and dark.  Choose wisely.

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